Melissa E. Hong


Melissa E. Hong

Enjoying life

Hello! My name is Melissa

and I am a web developer

When I decided to leave medicine in pursuit of my ultimate happiness, I came across software development. I enrolled myself into Coding Dojo, a software developer program to learn web fundamentals and full-stack Python. While there, I fell in love with everything that had to do with coding. I am enthralled by it. It is my true calling, and am dedicated to be life-long learner of the craft.

About Me

I use the following technologies: Python (Django and Flask), Javascript (language for Wix), HTML, CSS, PHP (language for Wordpress), and MySQL. Additionally, I am experimenting and using Swift (language for iPhone) and Java (language for Android).

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    Melissa E. Hong


    Full Stack Web Developer



Plan 1

Responsive Web and Mobile Design

Design a beautiful website from concept to deployment.

Plan 2

App Programming

Create modern, innovative apps for the web and mobile environment.

Plan 3

Plugin and Backend Support

Databases, REST API's, Cloud computing, and everything inbetween. Debugging included.

5-Star Quality Guaranteed

I provide the highest level of service and expertise. I am a great communicator, and will be right next to you every step of the way. If for any reason you are not satisfied, I will happily provide a refund.

Portfolio Gallery

A small sample of current and past clients I have worked with.

  • American Construction

    Product 1
  • PerfectOrder.TV

    Product 2
  • Angel Kaba Website

    Product 1
  • Fire Island Website

    Product 3

Get In Touch

Feel free to ask questions, leave comments, discuss future projects, or just say hello, anytime!